Business Law, Start-Ups, LLC's, Corporations, Sole Proprietorships, Etc.

Start your new business with confidence by allowing Mary Madeline Roberts, Esq. to advise you on everything from your initial formation, drafting your operating agreement, updating your internal organizational documents and contracts, IP-related agreements, planning your website, etc.  Mary Madeline Roberts, Esq. has advised numerous companies in forming their new businesses and structuring their accompanying business entities. Flat-fees are often negotiable, although rates may differ. Schedule a free initial consultation by emailing me at to obtain advice on forming or managing your business and/or start-up.


Drafting, Negotiations, Review & Analysis

Your contracts are the back-bone of your day-to-day operations and business. Allow Mary Madeline Roberts, Esq. to advise you on negotiating future agreements, updating/revising current ones, and drafting new contracts. Flat-fees are often negotiable. Schedule a free initial consultation by emailing me at for additional details.


Mary Madeline Roberts, Esq. has extensive experience advising a host of art and entertainment clients ranging from professional fine artists, photographers, fashion designers, TV & film producers, playwrights, and media publications. Allow her to help you plan, organize and update your contracts, business entity, and/or internal documents relating to your art/entertainment-related business by emailing for a free initial consultation.

Art Start-Ups, Galleries, Professional Artists, Professional Photographers, Collectors, TV, Theatre, Film & Production, Internet Businesses, New Media, Publications 


Consumer/Debtor Disputes, Real Estate Law: Landlord/Tenant Disputes, Commercial Litigation, Etc.

Allow Mary Madeline Roberts, Esq. to help analyze your existing legal needs in a variety of practice areas, including commercial litigation, landlord/tenant disputes, and consumer debt relations.


Contact Mary Madeline Roberts, Esq. to review your  credit scores, and advise you on how to work out debt(s) and/or dispute and remove inquiries from your credit score. Entrust a professional with experience to negotiate inquiries on your credit score and disputes with creditors for outstanding balances. For a free initial consultation contact her directly at